Exposif Wallpaper Project

Exposif is a collection of wallpapers, developed by Maxalot in collaboration with leading names in graphic design, photography and
illustration. Functioning both as art and decoration, Exposif celebrates the re-emerging importance of wallpaper as a way to customize space. The collection reflects a shift in interior styling that uses wallpaper as feature rather than backdrop. Marrying outstanding design with new developments in print technology, Maxalot offers you high quality, luxurious wallpapers to custom order.

As featured in magazines such as Wallpaper, Elle, Neo2, Dazed
& Confused, Oyster, M-Publication, Suite, Vanidad, Vogue, The
Independent, Newsweek, Frame, Graphic, Metropolis, and Wired. And in books; "Papier Peints" (éditions de La Martiniere), "Hidden Track"
(Die Gestalten Verlag, Berlin, 2005), "Wall Paper" (Laurence King
Publishing, London, 2006), "Walls and Floors" (Atrium Group,
Barcelona, 2006), "The Cutting Edge of Wallpaper" (Black Dog
Publishing, London, 2006) and "Event Design" (Victionary, Hong Kong, forthcoming).

Paper Type

Exposif wallpapers are printed on Muramour Non Woven Wallpaper material, a fleece or paper type paper media with a linnen profile.

- approx. 190 g/m2 heavy, digital printed non woven wallpaper

- extremely durable, washable and colour true

- ECO- solvent ink printed

- easy to remove in one piece per panel

- can be installed with standard wallpaper tools (non-woven glue, wall gluing technique and with our paper backed product an additional wettening of the backside/ paper side )

- good scratch resistance

- fire retardancy certified

Application Guidelines

Wallpaper glue "non-woven"
Paint roller and brush, for overall glue application and corners
Ruler, a larger one is best. 100cm
Level, for marking the vertical lines
Marker pen or crayon
(spray or sponge)
A ladder.
Enough space to place the unrolled wallpaper panels onto the floor, first/left panel facing upwards.
A second person to help get the panels mounted correct, top and bottom.

Use wallpaper glue for "non-woven" wallpaper.
Mark a 100% vertical line onto the wall just a centimeter on the right side of the first to be applied left panel using the level.
Apply glue to wall, not paper. Making the backside of the wallpaper moist through a spray or sponge will make the paper apply easier.
Start on the left, glue wall for first panel, then hang first panel  just left of the applied line.
Keep even centimeters left over top and bottom, trim/cut these after it hangs correctly, using a ruler and stanley knife.
Apply glue to wall to fit the second panel.
Hang 2nd panel to the wall, remember there is a overlap of several centimeters.
Cut onto the wall, in the center of the overlap, using a ruler and stanley knife. Cut carefully through both layers of wallpaper vertically and remove both strips. The wallpaper now aligns 100%. Using a fresh sharp knife is important.
Continue to the right with the other panels.

End by checking all panels are glued on and sticking fine to the wall, so you can leave thing to dry.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or remarks.



Production and delivery notice

Please take into account that all of our wallpapers are produced on
demand to fit clients special requirements in height and width. Because of this we need approx. 5 days of production time. The delivery may take from just a few days (UPS) to 14 days (outside EU customers only, standard option, Dutch TNT).
So a total of 1 to 3 weeks depending on the choice in shipping options and location.

In case of any questions or remarks on our shipping policy please contact us at info@maxalot.com.