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Maxalot Gallery is active on the modern art scene since late 2003 promoting and presenting young and established digital fine artists in various ways. Through exhibitions worldwide in galleries and art fairs, installations at contemporary art festivals and in our own gallery, first in Barcelona, later in Amsterdam.

Being mostly involved with artists that use computer hard- and software as their tools, not much unlike traditional artists use other means, we found ourselves having to bring the artwork, that exists only in a digital file, to the real
world. In this process we have come a long way and now run a professional print laboratory to produce artwork for our shows and clients. In this way we can keep full control on quality and explore all the possibilities this industry brings us.

Besides producing this modern print forms called Giclée, we're also active in bringing flat artwork into the three-dimensional world by using other techniques like Stereo-lithography and 3D-printing. Through these channels we give artists a chance to have their world come alive even more.

Fresh Web

You now find yourself in Maxalot’s 3rd online presentation and enterprise. This version has been long overdue but we are proud to have it with us.

The site’s content is managed by our own unique and engineered to perfection cms with amazing new user friendly tools and easy navigation.

The man behind all this  programming is Satoshi Shiraishi, who is a besides a very clever programmer a talented and award winning musician (NiCad).


Cruquiusweg 98F
1019AJ Amsterdam
The Netherlands

T : 0031-20 2300119
M : 0031-6 34346031



Who are we?

Max Akkerman


Satoshi Shiraishi



We have been proud to have our gallery and artists presented in various worldwide publications such as: Creative Review (London), Surface (New York City), Frame (Amsterdam), Newsweek (International), Oxygen (Sydney), Wallpaper (Laurence King Publishing), The Cutting Edge of Wallpaper (Black Dog, London), Icon (London), Vapors (Los Angeles), Grafik (London), Suite (Barcelona), Elle (Madrid), Interior+Design (Moscow), Complex (New York), Clone (Sevilla), Hidden Track  (DGV Berlin), Wallpaper* (London), Neo2 (Madrid), Etapes (Paris), Monoclab
(Barcelona), WAD (Paris), The Independent (London), Graphic (London), Vapors (Los Angeles), Grafik (London), B-Guided (Barcelona), Metropolis (New York), Vogue (London), Etece (Bilbao), M-Publication (Berlin), Booklet (Frankfurt).

News Letter

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