• WK/MXLT/183


This had to be one of the most fun-filled weekends in Maxalot's young life. We had the pleasure of sharing a few days with the master of movimiento WK Interact, as we built his first ever Barcelona exhibition. Like his signature stretched graphic monochromatics which appear to pause the passing of time, hanging out with Mr. WK gives the illusion that time is slowing: days and nights filled with chatter, mojitos, bombing, building, installing, psychic reading, hot weather, cold beer, more chatter, more bombing and more building.

It all peaked with the Monday-night opening for his mind-blowing exhibition of never-before-seen mixed-media pieces, screen-prints and murals. Confusion abound as Monday turned seemlessly into a Friday night fun-fest feeling: the beer-powered crowd just kept on growing and gave way to dancing in the street as DJ Rastos turntabled his little heart out. True to his name, WK encouraged folks to get "interactive" (tag, sign, kiss or otherwise engage with) his mural piece, climaxing with the gorgeous Miss Van making her mark as the evening came to an end.

The WK/MXLT show was a new direction for Maxalot, as we put computer-generated design on the backburner and embraced the analog craftsmanship of this prolific talent who's work comes purely from the heart. It's a sheer joy to be involved with WK, and we're proud to be the newest addition to the long list of high-end galleries he has graced all the way since 1997:

Maxalot Gallery, Barcelona

East / West Propaganda Project
Obey Giant vs WK Interact
Agnès B Galleries, Paris

East / West Propaganda Project
Obey Giant vs WK Interact
Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo

In collaboration with Kobe Bryant
Nike show-room, California

Beautiful Loser
Group Exhibition
Agnès B Galleries, Paris

Project Fox
Fox Hotel, Copenhagen

Medicom Toy Life
Logos Gallery, Tokyo

Window display, interior and subway station
Galeries Lafayettes, Paris

Kitty Kit Spy
Collaboration for Hello Kitty
Tokyo, Japan

WK Interact Installation
JFK Airport, New York

Streetwise 3
Group Exhibition
The LAB 101 Gallery, Los Angeles

Group Exhibition
Kunstraum Kreuzberg, Berlin

Sony installation and outdoor gallery
Sydney, Australia

Rescue 2002
Lafayette & Prince Sreet, New York

WK Interact Installation
BLK/MRKT Gallery, Los Angeles

Techniques 2002
Studio 101, New York

Art Works of WK Interact
Parco Museum, Tokyo

Tool Man
Studio 101, New York

Opening Studio 101
Studio 101, New York

WK Interact Installation
Patricia Dorfman Gallery, Paris

WK Interact Installation
Dazed & Confused Gallery, London

24' x 12' canvas window installation
Henri Bendel store, New York

Adidas 154-meter outdoor billboard
Featuring Prince Naseem

Visionaire Magazine opening
65-meter wall mural featuring Kiara
Visionaire Gallery, New York

3-painting WK Interact installation
Yohji Yamamoto
New York

17-painting WK Interact installation
Colette, Paris

11-painting installation
Cooper Hewitt Museum, New York