• Tropism/91


Maxalot presents Tropism, the last in a series of three exhibitions at Espeis Gallery exploring new territories in the emerging field of design-as-art.
For Tropism, ground-breaking artist, designer and technologist Joshua Davis teams up with product architecture pioneers Commonwealth, in a digital-analog face-off which pits traditional artistry against the latest in state-of-the-art design technology.
As part of the current push towards a loosening dichotomy between art and design, Tropism presents spectacular renditions of unique graphic-meets-product designs which combine organic creativity with digital manufacturing processes to create highly covetable, collectible one-off pieces.
The muted colours and organic forms of the flower provide the conceptual foundation and colour gradient for the exhibition's content. Colours and shapes ripped from nature and translated into controlled digital media will be used to generate unique object and print series exclusive to Tropism, reflecting the endless mutation of plant species in the natural world.
A series of seven unique Commonwealth vs. Joshua Davis vases will form the centrepiece for the exhibition. Seven variations of the central vase design by Commonwealth manufactured using the latest in digital production technology, will provide a series of subtly distinctive blank canvases for Davis's ornamental digital surface etchings rendered from manual sketches based around the flower, and adorned with hand-painted elements.
Each vase will be a modular variation of one basic archetype, following the ordered chaos of Davis's signature algorithm-led artwork, and fitting with the organic-to-digital concept at the exhibition's core.
In addition to the vase series, Tropism will launch a new set of hand drawn Joshua Davis analog/digital pieces. Digital prints showing frozen visual representations of Davis' "Dynamic Abstraction" generated compositions will be drawn over to add a mixed-media human uniqueness to the digitally-generated works.
The exhibition will also introduce a series of eight brand new Joshua Davis limited edition prints inspired by the flower and presented as backdrop to the vase installation.