• Todays Art 2007/185

Todays Art 2007

The breakdown:
Our (well, Max's) lovely hometown The Hague, meanest and greenest city of Europe (yes, it's true), had it's 4th edition of the Todays Art Festival inviting Maxalot for the second time after last years' stupendous installation where we precision-beamed 10 custom made artworks by some of our finest artists onto the City Hall building.

The building's projected surface of this installation took up an area of 30 x 30 meters.

We've done the same thing with 24 supreme artists and (!) we've come up with another very exiting installation where we will use 2 DLP video projectors (20K ansilumen each) and a set of Wacom pads to enable severeral artists to create artwork live during the 2 festival evenings from 20.00 to 23.00hrs. Performing graphic wizards are Antistrot (4 members simultaneous drawing action), Inocuodesign (JAVIER GUTIERREZ GIL and DAVID FERNANDEZ ORENGO)and Kustaa Saksi or Mike Young of Weworkforthem (not defined yet).

The same installation is used to beam custom designed video art onto the building, with motion graphics by two of the finest animation studios today - Universal Everything and WeWorkForThem - who'll use the building as their canvas.

The building's projected surface of these two applications of the system takes up an area of 18 x 26 meters.

A third projection set up has been produced by a new photographers duo from The Hague: ISO120.
They will use two 5000 ansilumen video projectors from their own stable to create a slide show onto a third part of the building...

Collaborating Artists
Angel Souto
Boris Hoppek
Destroy Rockcity
Jackson Chang
Joshua Davis
Kustaa Saksi
: phunk (studio)
The Designers Republic
Timorous Beasties
Universal Everything
WK Interact