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On/Off London

3 forces in contemporary visual culture, in 3 distinct areas of expertise, from 3 world cities come together for 1 unique exhibition (yes, it's true).

Maxalot (Barcelona) invites leading graphic studio Build (London), to collaborate with industrial architects Commonwealth (New York), for a 2d-3d face-off using cutting edge graphic software versus computer-numerically-controlled industrial design technology.

The exhibition combines printed graphics by Build, with industrial 3D deconstructions by Commonwealth in a series of unique objets d'art. Printed vectors bleed into 3-dimensional surfaces as projected lines etched into the Corian® frames which house them.

The exhibition is a fusion of graphic and product design with the graphics by Build bleeding from the giclée prints into digitally-manufactured Corian® frames by Commonwealth.

On/Off was first exhibited in June 2006 at Espeis Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn as the first in the invitational "Commonwealth vs." series of five exhibitions, curated by Maxalot, exploring new territories in the emerging field of design-as-art.

For the London edition, Maxalot has teamed up with the Brompton Design Project to host the exhibition in a uniquely classical setting - a sharp contrast to the sleek lines and tongue-in-cheek character of the exhibition pieces.

So, 19-25 September!


5 Cromwell Place,
South Kensingon,
London SW7 2JB