• Joshua Davis for The Node Company/78

Joshua Davis for The Node Company

We were commissioned by the man Zabrockis (Creative Hothouse chief and all-round ray of sunshine) to infuse the bland Barcelona offices of industrial design giant Node with vivacity and inspiration.

Situated in a gorgeous rambling former factory in the Poble Nou district we grabbed this project by the horns, printing unique, remixed renderings of Joshua Davis graphics onto our synthetic adhesive wallpaper material.
A total of 190 square meters (that's 2045 square feet) were hand-pasted by yours trulies, including an entire day spent fending off vertigo atop a wobbly Spanish scaffold.
The results were beautiful, and we think the drones seemed more inspired and productive as we packed up our pasting kit and headed for the door.

Our most impressive wallpaper installation job so far, and our first interior major design consultancy extravaganza. One day we will paste the whole world with Exposif wallpapers. How will Google Earth keep up?!