• Bread and Butter/25

Bread and Butter

Quite some activity during the Bread & Butter fashion fairs via Maxalot, here and overview of what we did there.

First in; a series of Exposif Wallpapers throughout the fair.

With the always-amazing eBoys we produced the signage for the Streetwear hall; the boys took their inspiration from granny's hand-knit sweater in their signature pixelised style. In prime position around the Magazine Lounge was a special eBoy exhibition of giant eCities and the never-before-seen Autojerk portraits brought to you by Maxalot, courtesy of the friendly B&B folk.

Diego Vargas AKA Pixelnouveau AKA Bosco Mattel created the massive wall to backdrop the main initiation event.

Cardboard-fetishists Boris Hoppek and Yummy Industries outdid themselves this time, building a complete cardboard city from used boxes. Alongside Iguapop Gallery we mounted a small (very small) Maxalot retrospective exhibition among the rubble.