• On/Off/106


This Build Show falls right in Place with our series of hi-end graphic art exhibitions.

3 forces in contemporary visual culture, in 3 distinct areas of expertise, from 3 world cities came together for 1 unique exhibition.

Maxalot (Barcelona) invited leading graphic studio Build (London), to collaborate with industrial architects Commonwealth (New York), and create a complete multi-media environment.

A former warehouse in Williamsburg, Brooklyn has set the scene for this exhibition combining large-scale printed visual design and motion graphics by Build, with industrial 3D deconstructions by Commonwealth.

Drawing a global audience of creative professionals across the spectrum, On/Off presents integrated design as a contemporary art-form, in a unique gallery setting.

The result: Groundbreaking stuff, see it to believe it...

What's more: This collaboration has set an exciting trend in our line of exhibitions, Maxalot / Commonwealth agreed to team up and deliver you more exciting shows and events...


Build is a Graphic Design studio which prides itself on its craft-like approach to print. It was founded in 2001 by Michael C. Place & Nicky Place.

With 16 years of experience & this love of print as its starting point, Build has since established itself as a studio with an almost obsessive attention to detail. Projects include corporate identities, websites, moving image, magazine re-design, exhibition design, product design, and [almost] everything in between!

Clients range from international to independent, and include Nike, Faber&Faber Publishing, Magma Books, Sony, Nokia, IdN Magazine, Channel4, Siemens, Getty Images, Timothy Saccenti Photography, Ninja Tune Records, CMP Publishing & MTV.

Build is Michael, Nicky, Brockmann & Betty.

Build. Print With Love.