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World make me Sick

You can tell that they come from a HOT place by their sunny styles: the streets of Buenos Aires and Miami were were where DOMA cultivated their communication skills. Starting with street installations and stencil graffiti in '98, they've grown into a hugely popular graphic design bureau with an irresistibly irreverent visual style.
Their greatest achievement thus far must be the revelation that Jesus H Christ is nothing but an Astronaut who merely popped space-wards for a few light years on a research sabbatical. To mark the occasion they made a commemorative Jesus Astronaut doll, in limited editions no less, available at all good Adfunture outlets.
Using Maxalot Gallery as their canvas, the DOMA team will created a complete graphic universe with a character-parade of life-size and miniature plush dolls, new and exclusive 2D prints and graffiti, and projected motion graphics.