• We Love Sneakers/20

We Love Sneakers

Celebrating the 8th birthday of Staf Magazine, the purely Spanish edition of the largest sneaker exhibition in the world takes place for THREE DAYS ONLY, with We Love Sneakers at Maxalot.

A collection of what are essentially running shoes, customised by Spain's finest including Boris Hoppek, Freaklüb, The Beard, NosE, Sunstorm, La Princesita, Davilock, Elfo, Flan, Lebufon, Hun Deok Lee, ach the list goes on. Also fun: samples of rare and very limited edition sneakers by Nike, Vans, Etnies, DC.

If you don't catch the opening exhibit at Maxalot, stay tuned to Staf and find out where We Love Sneakers is going next. Clue: you can (almost) see North Africa from the beach.