• A Rift of Sunshine for You in the Head/2

A Rift of Sunshine for You in the Head

This exhibition was supposed to bring together two design studios from New York and Toronto, to create a complete digital environment including motion graphics, illustration, typography and photography. The original concept for this show consisted of "turning Maxalot Gallery into a middle-class suburban family dwelling the artists will explore the synthetic, processed emotional formulae that shape Western popular culture, using traditional art-forms alongside cutting-edge digital media.

For this show, Stephen Crowhurst (whose distinctive analogue-look illustrative style has made him as welcome in contemporary art galleries as he is amongst commercial clients and his Tekko has become a household name among the international design community) decided to team up with design collective Lifelong Friendship Society (pioneering work in animation and print//clients including Nike and MTV).

A Rift of Sunshine for You in the Head would be a multi-disciplinary show that was gong to push the boundaries of audio-visual art.

So what happened? Well, the art director of this amazing-multi-art-circus to be, Stephen Crowhurst had a very unfortunate twist of faith happened to his family, something we will not explain in more detail, but more than understandable; Stephen was not able or willing to show up and direct to exhibition to it's full potential. LLFS, bravely decided to venture out into Barcelona, Spain, Europe alone and set up a kick-ass show anyway. The exhibition was a mix of various types of artworks created by the various LLFS teammembers which took the visitors around our gallery spaces via an exciting set out trail using numbered pieces and an specialy designed map. This made the whole experience a totally different one than expected but very interesting noneteless!