• The Upstarts Surf Art Tour/2

The Upstarts Surf Art Tour

Joining forces with some of Australia and New Zealand's most promising artist, surf brand Insight brings the "The Upstarts Surf Art Tour" to Barcelona, after riding the wave through Biarritz, Berlin, San Diego, Rome Amsterdam, Tokyo, London and Sydney.

The tour takes the brand back to where it all began, using Insight surfboards as the canvas.

Participant artists include: Ali Mandalis, Arnie Arnold, Ben Brown, Brett Chan, Campbell Milligan, Dan Single, Dashenka Wright, Elke Kramer, George Gorrow, Georgina Cullum, IOSHVA, Jonathan Zawada, Lee Ralph, Martin Worthington, Oska Wright, Rob Russo-Owens, Sam Stewart, Simon Kaan, SMC, Steve Gorrow, Stevie Two-Times, and Zoe Sernack.