• Exposif Wallpaper Launch World Tour/21

Exposif Wallpaper Launch World Tour

In the words of Robert Plant,
"Sure took a long time coming
But it was well worth waiting for..."
Yes, the Exposif launch at Maxalot finally happened and we got the party started right on April 8th 2005. Mounting wallpaper is MORE DIFFICULT than you might think, and since we at Maxalot insist on administering every task ourselves (no matter how big or small), we experienced an intensive course in the highs and lows of interior decorating in the run-up to the shindig. But as it always does, everything came together beautifully in the end. With refreshing beverages provided by Budweiser, DJ Bowl/Off all the way from smoky London town spinning on the ones and twos, and an excitable crowd spilling out into the alley, the Exposif wallpapers provided a fitting backdrop for the long-awaited Exposif launch party.

After a succesful launch on our own turf we set out into a global tour to promote the product in places like Tokyo and Saporro, Frankfurt and The Hague.