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Safety in Numbers

Since launching in 2000, the Canadian based Tekko collective, lead by Aaron von Finkel, has held three internationally renowned exhibitions. Now an established part of the international digital arts community, Tekko comes to Barcelona, showcasing the top creative talent from around the world. Tekko's goal is to promote national and international content that bridges the world of art and design.

Tekko 04 is an exhibition of collaborative systems and individual expression. The show is actually a series of three exhibitions opening two weeks apart in Barcelona (Spain), Berlin (Germany) and Toronto (Canada). Five contemporary artists from each country have been asked to present their interpretation of the phrase "Safety In Numbers" while working with another international artist of their choice.

"Safety in Numbers" recalls the presumed safety of the individual within the group and as a theme asks us to re-think the persistent tensions between the group and the individual, our faith in technology, and the promises of our economic system.

For the Barcelona installment of "Safety in Numbers", five leading Spanish artists have teamed up with 5 international artists to create a multi-disciplinary, multi-talented exhibition.

The Artists:

Jaime Hayon (Spain) + Nienke Klunder (Netherlands) + installation
Aäb (Spain) + Paula Castro (Italy) + film
The Lift (Spain) + Naked (Canada)+ motion
Borja Martinez (Spain) + Ellen Diedrich (Germany) + installation
Sixis (Spain) + MAkinE Studios (USA) + motion