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Universal Everything, For Everyone Forever

Universal Everything was set up not so long ago and has already a long list of nice-to-have-as clients and impressive projects. Not surprisingly, knowing the man behind everything there, Matt Pyke, has a succesfull history of working within one of the most influencial graphic forces of the nineties.

After leaving this famous bureau somewhere south of Yorkshire, he set up his own station. UE is almost completely virtual in the way that for each project it works together with it's team-members over our world wide web. This team might and most likely will differ each project as some might need commercial directors and animation programmers while other projects would need an art-director, photographer and a graphic designer.

The main exhibit, beside two videoworks (web&animation), consists of 8 artworks wich where previously released by UE for commercial clients.

These works are now exclusively for sale in a limited edition of 50 via Maxalot, have a look in the gallery section of this site.

Also check Matt Pyke's wallpaper design for our Exposif project.