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Dynamic Abstractions, Artmaking Machines

The Joshua Davis double-whammy: a veritable hot-pot of techy creativity with a generous sprinkling of "pass the Courvoisier". Without so much as a technical hitch, we pulled off one hugely popular exhibition opening, plus one 4-hour workshop the very next day.

We gave the neighbours something to complain about on Friday as the beers went down faster than you can say "tattooed Transatlantic flash God". We knew we'd hit the big time when a Romany jazz band starting freestyling to the electronic avantgarde with aplomb (sadly they were later chased away as they began lasciviously circling our collection of vintage iBooks).

For those of you who were out of town, you can still visit the exhibition at Maxalot Gallery, it runs through February 14th (with the exception of our Christmas break from December 19th - January 4th). Visitors will have to get creative themselves using the WACOM graphic tablet to add elements to a growing artwork that is one of the exhibits itself.
The exhibition represents Joshua's broad range of skills: besides two interactive installations you will find hand-drawn and computer-generated artworks.

FYI: This is the FIRST TIME IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE that Joshua Davis original artworks are available for sale to anyone who fancies one. They're selling out faster than hot cakes, so email us fast to avoid disapointment.

What else can we say here about the Mighty Mister Davis? Even people without computers or internet in their lives have heard or read about this guy. Even though he was once voted within the Top Most Intelligent People in our hemisphere, enjoys close-to-Godlinness in japan, has earned himself a real sound-byte under his name (Flash Guru) and has been traveling the globe lecturing and receiving awards for over ten years now: he is still a very down to earth nice guy...