• La Piel Permanece Igual/25

La Piel Permanece Igual

When arriving in Barcelona Spring'03, one thing was very in-our-face from scratch; there was one graphic force in town that was to be reckoned with, pushing their unique style through all the serious-club's promotional materials. Lucky for us they turned out to be a very friendly team of people and they agreed to collaborate with us in future events. Expect more great follow-up-events sooner they you can say: "Inocuo Baruserona walls" With their roots in graffiti, Inocuo Design recently formed a graphic design collective blending fine art skills with street culture. The result of this unlikely fusion is a strong, fresh and unmistakable trademark style.
Tying in with the “skin” theme of this year’s BAC! Festival, Inocuo explores the idea of skin as the continuous representation of mortality. Covering vintage mannequins with their signature graffiti style, La Piel Permanece Igual will be a series of installations throughout Maxalot gallery.
Every living being uses skin as a cover for what exists beneath, and as a representation of who we are. Since the beginning of humanity, skin has been mutilated and decorated to define difference, identity and belonging. But in this exhibition, Inocuo Design shows that such attempts are futile: Skin is not a costume, it cannot hide anything. All living beings are born with it, and throughout life it regenerates itself, until finally it returns to the earth to become an eternal cosmic component.