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Maxalot presents the long-awaited Barcelona exhibition by Mike Young and Mike Cina from WeWorkForThem. The exhibition will show 5 unseen illustrations mounted as light-boxes,their new "Myra" DVD and a never-before-seen preview of their work-in-progress DVD "Enter the Dragon".

The exhibition will enlighten fans and newcomers alike with a fresh display of outstanding techniques and witty visual animations of a standard which we have come to expect from WeWorkForThem.
This non-stop art and design duo have changed the face of design since they joined forces in 2000. Mike Young gained global recognition with his design platform Designgraphik which featured skate- and punk-inspired experimental designs, and his involvement in the pioneering audio-visual project Submethod.

In 2000 he and Mike Cina of Trueistrue created WeWorkForThem with rapid successes both in the commercial world and with non-commercial side projects. Spanning the U.S from their separate offices in Minneapolis and Baltimore, the two Mikes have attracted a legion of clients and fans with their minimalist, dark, geometric designs.

Since 2000 WeWorkForThem have won the following awards: Art Directors Award,Chrysler Design Award, Flash Forward Film Festival Award, Gold Cannes, Cyber Lion Award, Media Invasion Award and the New York Festivals New Media Award.