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Made in TDR, From Soyo with Love

Maxalot stages an exclusive exhibition showing works by arguably the most influential design bureau on the planet - The Designers Republic. The exhibition gives visitors a broad Designers Republic Experience, incorporating five elements: 1/File Deleted: 5 artworks. 2/Unplugged: a compilation of black-and-white sketches. 3/Brain Aided Design: some of the most elaborate record sleeves from their retrospective. 4/Projection: DVD loop showing Designers Republic animations. 5/The Peoples Bureau: Designers Republic limited edition design products on show. Ian Anderson, The Designers Republic founder, will be attending the opening on March 11th to launch the exhibition. The show is the second in a series programmed by Maxalot,who aim to expose the artistic value of graphic design by presenting it as a modern art form.

The event took place on the now famous M11, meaning March 11 2004, the day of the "Madrid Train Bombing" by Al Qaida, a terrorist attack wich led the running goverment to loose the elections later that week. Having planned this event months ahead, there was no way back, we had to continue opening the show, which was finally shut down at 23.00 by the local authorities because of this not falling to well with our neighbours. Very understandable....