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Greyscale First

Greyscale kicks off Maxalot’s program in December 2003 with a series of artworks and video animations which explore the beauty and artistic value of graphic design and digital art.

Erik Jarlsson, the man behind Greyscale, worked on these pieces while spending his time on the beaches of Australia in the summer of 2003. He had taken a year of from his promising career in design land. We had tracked him down via e-mail and suggested he'd open Maxalot with an excusive series of his astounding and surreal style; we are still very pleased with him agreeing. He worked his labtop in a free-of-all space and situation and the result is amazing.

Maxalot Gallery is focused on introducing a new force in contemporary art, tapping into the creativity of graphic designers and digital artists who are leaders in the commercial industry. Maxalot presents their curated non-commercial work as a contemporary art-form, where the blend of their outstanding technical skills and their creative abilities produce spectacular results in many different media.

In the same way that Pop Art was a product of the Industrial Revolution,
this new wave of digital art suggests a kind of cultural democracy in the Information Age.

It reflects changes in contemporary society: the digital boom and an explosion of techniques, tried by many but mastered by few.

Erik Jarlsson has produced nine artworks for the exhibition.
Infloresence, Seed, Cloudburst, Trap (50cmx100cm), Hibernate (110cmx270cm), and Veil (triptych of 60cmx60cmx3) are digital prints on photographic paper mounted on aluminium with dibond and metacrylate laminate. In addition he has made a video animation for projection.