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Maxalot Launch

Maxalot is Lotje Sodderland & Max Akkerman
Lotje Sodderland and Max Akkerman met at creative members club Baby in Amsterdam, where Lotje was features editor of the niche magazine Baby while Max was director of exhibitions and events. With a background in political science, Lotje divides her time between her documentary production company, Elk Creatïf and securing global domination for Maxalot. Max ran a graphic studio for some years, but the humdrum of corporate clients soon became to much for his creative sensibilities. Combining his unique creative vision with a love of design and spatial aesthetics, Maxalot is the perfect platform to realise his dream of making the world a prettier place.

After first having browsed the Barcelona center for a month or so looking for our new home and working space, we found ourselves to be very lucky stumbling upon this crazy place in a hidden Gothic quarter called "Sant Just". A space consisting of two old stables broken into one where a previous renter in the 70ties made some pretty cool adjustment to it, making the raw base of what we had to work with; a small piece of modern architecture hidden in an Med-evel looking storage place. We saw the potencial and worked our buds off for about 4 months and made it into our Sweet HQ that it is today.

To end the Blood, Sweat & Tears we had to through a party celebrating this ending and the opening of the Maxalot Gallery space.

We asked WeWorkforthem, Greyscale, Joshua Davis to come up with a selection of work for us to give a preview to our guests. We were lucky enough to receive a "White Label" copy of the to-be-released "Myra" by WWFT: A preview hard to equal later....